Older Youth (14-18)

Soul 2014

Welcome to your St Nic's! 

Christian faith is about friendship with God and with each other. So whether you are used to church, bored of church, made to come to church or entirely new to church, St. Nic's is a place where you can enjoy discovering God as a friend with friends your own age.

Firm sessions start at 5.30pm in the hall for food and fun, followed by joining worship for the start of the service and then returning to the hall at 6.15pm for our own group discussions.  
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Drop In runs on Thursdays from 3.30-6pm. Drop into St Nics House after school to chat, relax, hang out and general have fun with your St Nics friends.  For years 7-13.  

For more information contact Clare Caskie, our youth minister clare@st-nics.org