If you are thinking of getting married at St Nicolas, we would be delighted to welcome you!

These days there is much more choice about where you can be married. You can marry in church whether or not you are baptised and whether or not you go to church. Please look at the Church of England website to see if you are eligible to marry here.

We believe that marriage is for life, but also recognise that sadly, some marriages do fail. If you are divorced and wish to remarry at St Nicolas, you will need to meet with the Rector, Will Hunter Smart, about your situation. Again, more information is on the Church of England website.

In 2019 the legal cost of a wedding will be £496.00, but this will rise if you need to have your banns read at another church. Additional items such as bells, choir and flowers will be extra. A full breakdown can be viewed here.



Libby Lake
PA to the Rector
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