Older Youth (14-18)

Soul 2014


Welcome to your St Nic's! 


Christian faith is about friendship with God and with each other. So whether you are used to church, bored of church, made to come to church or entirely new to church, St. Nic's is a place where you can enjoy discovering God as a friend with friends your own age.

The youth at St. Nic's meet at various times and places during the week, and you can find out more by downloading our term card, or by selecting your year group below.
If you would like to contact somebody for more information please contact Edward Carthy our Youth Minister by email at Ed@st-nics.org.


Firm Jul 2015

The Firm (Sunday, 7.30 - 9.15pm)

The Firm takes place every week in St. Nicolas House. Everyone is welcome - you don't need to attend St. Nicolas Church or know anything about Jesus to be a part. We start each week with pizza.



Small Groups (Monday, 7.30 - 9pm)

A peer-led Bible study group that meets at St. Nicolas House to talk about the Christian faith without adults around to make it boring.


Drop in (Friday, 4.15 - 6.15pm)

Come, chat and relax in St. Nicolas House to wind down at the end of the week. Or, come and play pool, table football and the Wii to build up to the weekend.



Edward Carthy
Youth Minister

Tel: 01635 285717