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Small groups are a vital part of our church life here at St Nicolas. They are a great way for people to grow in friendship and faith as they share life, pray and look at the Bible together.

In a church like St Nicolas with many services, home groups help with getting to know a smaller group of people well, which can perhaps be difficult on a Sunday. Normally groups meet for a couple of hours on a weekly or fortnightly basis, though each group is different. They meet in people's houses across Newbury, both on weekday evenings and during the day.  Sometimes groups discuss the Sunday sermon series, but at other times will use their own material.

There is always room for more, so if you would be interested in joining a small group, please do get in touch with Will Hunter Smart or using the form below.

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Will Hunter Smart

Tel: 01635 285710

Thursday Communion
10:30pm Thursday 30 March
St Nicolas Church
5:00pm Friday 31 March - Sunday 2 April
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Holy Communion (CW)
8:00am Sunday 2 April
St Nicolas Church
Holy Communion
10:00am Sunday 2 April
St Nicolas Church
Contemporary Worship
6:00pm Sunday 2 April
St Nicolas Church Hall
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